Worst Drinks for Your Health in America

Regular Soda

Soda is terrible for your teeth and increases your risk of diabetes, heart disease, being overweight, gout, and early death.

Cranberry Juice Cocktail

The juice from cranberries could be one of the most harmful drinks for your health if you continually drink it if you're suffering from a urinary tract infection. 

Fruit Juice

Juicing removes fiber, making vegetables less filling. "Juices not designated '100% juice' are also usually packed with added sugar.


It also raises the chance of significant health issues, illnesses, and cancer."

Flavored Dairy Milks

While plain dairy milk has many health benefits, flavored milks like chocolate milk and strawberry milk are actually quite unhealthy.


Lemonades are tart and refreshing, but they typically contain a lot of sugar in them.

Sweetened Coffee Beverages

The additional sugar and harmful fats in coffee blended beverages like Frappuccinos and mocha lattes are a major reason.

Diet Soda

Diet Coke isn't any better for you than regular soda regardless of why you choose it. 

Orange Drinks

While orange juice is made by simply squeezing oranges, orange-flavored drinks typically contain no genuine fruit juice.

Ginger Beer

In fact, compared to other sodas, ginger beer has the greatest sugar content per drink, at 38.5g.

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