With 40 Man Roster Set for Winter Meetings, Will Astros Lose Anyone to Rule 5?

Astros and the Rule 5 Draft: The Astros rarely make big moves in the Rule 5 draft, where teams can pick players from others. It's a curious event each offseason.

Rule 5 Basics: In simple terms, teams can select players from other teams' minor league rosters if they haven't been added to the 40-man roster.

Astros' Past Rule 5 Picks: The Astros haven't used the Rule 5 draft much recently but did acquire Marwin Gonzalez in 2011. 

Recent Losses: Players like Ronnie Dawson, Jose Alberto Rivera, Jonathan Arauz, Brandon Bailey, and Chuckie Robinson were lost to other teams in recent years. 

Last Year's Outcome: In the previous year, no Astros prospects were picked in the Rule 5 draft, raising the question of whether they can avoid losses again this year.

Deadline Drama: Teams had a deadline to protect prospects from the Rule 5 draft. The Astros added outfielder Kenedy Corona to the 40-man roster but left several other top prospects exposed.

Corona's Profile: While Corona needs to improve his contact skills, he possesses above-average power and speed, making him an interesting choice for teams in need of outfielders with no high expectations for 2024.

Exposed Prospects: Notably, prospects like Colin Barber, Justin Dirden, and Zach Daniels are now at risk of being picked by other teams.

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