Why Is Angel Reese Benched? What We Know About Lsu Star As She Misses Another Game

Angel Reese, LSU's basketball star, faces a challenging start to the 2023-24 season.

After being benched four games in, questions arise about her absence in the 73-50 win over Southeastern Louisiana on Nov. 17.

LSU Coach Kim Mulkey expresses hope for Angel's quick return but provides minimal details.

The trouble began when LSU, preseason No. 1, suffered a significant loss to Colorado on Nov. 6.

Despite Angel's impressive 15 points and 12 rebounds, her struggles and visible frustration led to her benching in the next game.

Coach Mulkey's vague explanation of a "coach's decision" adds to the mystery surrounding Angel's absence.

Speculation grows as Angel misses the Nov. 17 game, with Coach Mulkey still tight-lipped about the situation.

Mulkey emphasizes Angel's significance to the team but refrains from providing specific details.

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