Veteran infielder gets traded for third time in his career

A’s Trade with Brewers: The Oakland A’s have traded for infielder Abraham Toro from the Brewers, with minor league pitcher Chad Patrick going the other way.

Toro's History: At 26, Toro has been traded three times before, previously playing for the Astros and Mariners without consistent success.

Mariners to Brewers: Toro was traded from the Mariners to the Brewers, but the move didn't work out well for either team.

Limited Playing Time: Toro had minimal playing time with the Brewers, featuring in only nine MLB games, spending most of the season in the minor leagues with the Triple-A team in Nashville.

Milwaukee's Decision: Facing a Friday deadline, the Brewers considered non-tendering Toro due to his limited usage, high arbitration salary projection, and no minor league option years.

A’s Infield Needs: Oakland, with open spots in the infield, is willing to take a chance on Toro for the upcoming season, especially with uncertainty at second base and underperforming third basemen.

Toro's Track Record: Despite a less-than-ideal MLB performance, Toro has a solid minor league track record and is eligible for arbitration through 2026.

Milwaukee's Motivation: The Brewers' trade is aimed at clearing roster space and reducing projected salary costs while gaining a mid-tier pitching prospect in Chad Patrick.

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