The Best and Most Well-Known Cat Breeds


This cat has a thick triple coat and a bushy tail. It is strong and active.

Their coats can be any mix of colors and patterns, and they only need a light brushing to keep them from getting tangled

American Shorthair

The American Shorthair got its name as a strong, hardy cat that could hunt very well after coming to America with early residents and catching rats that got off of ships. 

Cats that are medium to big in size have a short coat that is usually tabby but can be any color. 


Bengal cats are house cats that have bright spots or coloring that makes them stand out. Both are very pretty.

 They are the only house cat breed with rosettes, which are the same pattern that leopards and jaguars have.

Russian Blue

When it comes to shorthaired breeds, the Russian blue cat stands out because of its beautiful silver-blue coat and bright green eyes.

The Russian blue is also smart, friendly, and playful. Often, you can find them sitting next to their owners and being friendly.

Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian forest cat is big and has semi-long hair. It has a waterproof double coat with stiff guard hairs and a thick undercoat made for the cold winters in Scandinavia.