November brought new life to 4 zodiacs.


Sagittarius' new Life Chapter, like Britney Spears' new book, is about expressing your truth. 

Few know that the outspoken fire sign hates conflict and has kept more than they've let out throughout the years. When you appear always open, no one assumes you have secrets.


Virgo's new life chapter focuses on learning from history, rather than their own. 

This winter project is great for their curiosity and tour-guide habit of memorizing a large list of random things. Perhaps they want to research their ancestry. 


Aquarius will nourish themselves practically and figuratively in their new Life Chapter. 

They've been so busy that they've been eating takeout and freezer meals, but cooking with their own two hands will help relieve some of their tension and anxiety. 


The new Leo Life Chapter is about caring less. 

They've been taking things personally and worrying about what others think, and they need to learn how to live like a toddler again. 

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