NFL insiders link Vikings' Kirk Cousins with two NFC teams

Vikings Considering Cousins: The Minnesota Vikings are thinking about re-signing their quarterback, Kirk Cousins, for the upcoming season.

Potential Move to Atlanta: ESPN's Jeremy Fowler suggests the Atlanta Falcons could be interested in Cousins, linking their offensive style with Cousins' play-action abilities.

Trade Speculation: Earlier discussions in October hinted that the Falcons might have inquired about Cousins before he suffered a season-ending injury.

Atlanta's Appeal: Fowler notes that Atlanta's talented roster and the chance to win could make it an attractive destination for Cousins, despite the expected high cost.

Green Bay as a Sleeper Team: ESPN's Dan Graziano mentions the Green Bay Packers as a surprise team to sign Cousins, especially if they question Jordan Love's long-term potential.

Familiarity with Packers' Offense: Cousins has experience with the Packers' offensive style from his time with Kyle Shanahan in Washington, potentially making him a good fit.

Coach Compatibility: Graziano suggests that Cousins and Green Bay's coach, Matt LaFleur, could work well together, possibly making Green Bay a viable option.

Comparing Quarterback Performances: ESPN stats show Cousins performing better this season than Love, ranking ninth among quarterbacks compared to Love's 22nd position.

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