Most Hated Foods In America

1. Olives

Olives are love-or-hate. 62% of Americans approve, yet 38% are vocally opposed. 

2. Anchovies

This vast list makes anchovies infamous among despised meals. It's not America's most loathed food.

3. Eggplant

Five national eggplant haters. South Dakota as well as North Dakota detest aubergine the most. 

4. Bologna

Four states forbid sandwich meat. Oregon, Washington, and Utah will reject bologna.

5. Sushi

Many Americans love sushi, but not everyone does.

6. Turkey Bacon

Turkey bacon is rare in Alaska and Colorado, although bacon is ubiquitous everywhere else.

7. Beets

It appears that beets are not widely consumed in the south. 

8. Pickles

Don't expect to discover many dishes that contain pickles in Hawaii.

9. Well-done steak

Connecticut and Massachusetts both require their steaks to be prepared properly. 

10. Carrots

So far, only one nation has declared war on carrots. 

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