Has Colorado coach Deion Sanders ever been to Pullman, Washington? 

Deion Sanders' Perception of Pullman: The Colorado football coach, Deion Sanders, shared his humorous impression of Pullman, Washington, where his team was scheduled to play, describing it as a remote place not commonly visited by Black individuals.

Joking About Pullman Visit: Sanders playfully joked on a radio show about the likelihood of a Black person claiming to have been to Pullman, drawing laughter from the host.

Pullman Demographics: Pullman, located in eastern Washington, has a population of about 32,500, with approximately 75% white and 2.9% Black residents, according to U.S. Census data.

Sanders Addresses Coaching Rumors: Sanders addressed rumors of him leaving Colorado for a more lucrative coaching position. 

Negative Recruiting as a Compliment: Sanders sees the negative recruiting as a compliment, believing other schools recognize the potential for success at Colorado under his leadership.

Commitment to Colorado: Despite the rumors, Sanders emphasized his commitment to Colorado, stating that his family loves being there and that they have a strong connection to the community.

Cormani McClain's Absence: Colorado freshman cornerback Cormani McClain was expected on the radio show but didn't show up. 

Jokes About Surprise Exam: Sanders joked about the excuse of a surprise exam, adding humor to the situation and highlighting McClain's reported challenges with punctuality.

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