Four Zodiacs Entering Their Soft-Hearted Era


Always thought you have to be ruthless to protect oneself. You believed pushing people away before they could hurt you would keep you secure. 

As you age, you realize you can't avoid pain. You will encounter it despite your best efforts. 


Before, you rarely gave anybody the benefit of the doubt. You assumed they weren't worth your trouble if they hurt you. 

You thought they were heartless monsters. While you still set limits, you are becoming more empathetic and trying to see things from others' perspectives.


You spent most of your life acting like you were content alone, above others, and didn't need anyone else.

You are self-sufficient but may confess that you prefer living with someone.


Most of your life has been spent avoiding feelings. You have tried to distract yourself with work.

More importantly, you are sharing your feelings and experiences with people and exposing your heart more than ever. 

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