Foods That Can Cause Acne

1. Refined grains and sugars

A diet high in refined carbohydrates may contribute to the onset of acne by elevating blood sugar as well as insulin levels. 

 Refined grains and sugars

However, additional research needs to be done.

2. Dairy products

There is a correlation between dairy consumption and acne magnitude,

 Dairy products

 but it is unclear whether or not there is a causal relationship.

3. Fast food

Regular consumption of fast-Food has been associated with a higher probability of acne, 

 Fast food

it is unclear whether or not it causes acne.

4. Chocolate

New evidence suggests a correlation between chocolate consumption and the onset of acne,


albeit the exact mechanisms at play and the degree of the association are yet unknown.

5. Whey protein powder

A few studies have found an association between whey protein supplements and acne, 

 Whey protein powder

high-quality studies are needed to draw any firm conclusions.

6. Foods you’re sensitive to

Acne may be made worse by an increase in systemic inflammation brought on by food sensitivities.

Foods you’re sensitive to

No research has been done on this, though.

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