Evening Meals Using Only One Pan

1. Sausage Curry

Taste the rich and luscious flavors of this Sausage Curry recipe made in a single pan. 

Sausage Curry

Combining sausages, vegetables, and a flavorful curry sauce, this dish is ideal for a family dinner on a weekday.

2. Lemon Garlic Scallops

These Scallops with Lemon and Garlic are the ideal dish to elevate tonight's dinner.

Lemon Garlic Scallops

If you've never prepared scallops before, you'll be amazed at how simple they are to prepare.

4. Creamy Sun Dried

This Chicken Skillet with Creamy Sun-Dried Tomatoes is ideal for a quick and simple weeknight meal. 

Creamy Sun Dried

Thighs without bones are cooked in a sun-dried tomato cream sauce prepared with cream, chicken broth, Parmesan cheese, and Italian seasoning.

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