Dog Breeds That Have Attacked The Most People

1. Australian shepherd

Australian shepherds, one of the smartest breeds, need regular mental and physical exercise.

2. Golden retriever

Golden retrievers are calm, lively, friendly, and easy to teach, making them ideal family pets.

3. Malamute

Malamutes, like Siberian Huskies, pull large sleds across frigid tundras and followed early Antarctic adventurers.

4. Bulldog 

Bulldogs love kids and have mellowed out. Instead of bulls, they now chew toys.

5. Doberman

Dobermans protect homes and protect police and military units worldwide without training.

6. Great Dane

Great Danes are gentle and protective, especially with children.

7. Chow

They're not suggested for most families because they bond intimately with only a few people.

8. Akita

Akitas, one of the larger dog breeds at 130 lbs, can be aggressive with unfamiliar dogs.

9. Boxer

These canines are strong, independent, and suitable for older children.

10. German shepherd

Their boundless energy can generate high-strung or aggressive behavior.

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