Dawn Staley says upsets are wake-up call for Gamecocks

Wake-Up Call for Gamecocks: South Carolina women's basketball coach, Dawn Staley, sees the early-season upsets as a wake-up call, especially for her undefeated Gamecocks with a perfect 4-0 record.

Notable Upsets: The women's college basketball season has already seen surprising defeats for preseason favorites like No. 1 LSU and No. 2 UConn.

Competitiveness Across the Board: The trend of upsets isn't limited to top teams. 

Positive Signs for the Sport: Coach Staley views these upsets as positive signs for women's basketball, indicating that the sport is in a good place where any team feels capable of beating another.

Staley's Perspective: Staley's perspective goes beyond being a fan. For her and the Gamecocks, these surprising results serve as a reminder of the need for constant preparation.

Importance of Preparation: Staley emphasizes the importance of constant preparation, recognizing the potential for any team to be the next upset.

Learning from Upsets: When unexpected losses happen, Staley believes it provides valuable lessons for her team. 

Gamecocks' Undefeated Streak: With a dominant 78-38 victory over South Dakota State, the Gamecocks continue their undefeated streak. 

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