Could the Vikings keep Kirk Cousins and Joshua Dobbs?

Vikings' Quarterback Dilemma: After Kirk Cousins' season-ending injury, the Minnesota Vikings traded for Joshua Dobbs, sparking a debate about choosing between Cousins and Dobbs at the end of the season.

Contract Predictions by Spotrac: Spotrac, a sports contract site, predicts that the Vikings might avoid making a decision and re-sign both Cousins and Dobbs during the 2024 offseason.

Cousins' Projected Deal: Spotrac forecasts a 3-year, $120 million contract for Cousins, with $80 million guaranteed. 

Consideration for Cousins: The article suggests that Cousins might accept such a deal due to the nature of his recent injury and the potential for retirement.

They predict that the Vikings could offer Cousins a 3-year, $120 million deal with $80 million guaranteed. 

This might be Cousins' last significant NFL contract since he would be around 39 years old when it ends, and he might be considering retirement. 

Now, let's talk about Dobbs. Spotrac thinks the Vikings could sign him for a two-year, $18 million contract with $9 million guaranteed.

This would make Dobbs the highest-paid backup quarterback in the league. 

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