Brain Foods for Studying and Exams

1. Berries

Berries contain compounds, such as anthocyanins, that may improve cognitive function.

2. Citrus fruits

Studies indicate that consuming citrus fruits may enhance cognitive performance and overall brain function.

3. Dark chocolate and cocoa products

Chocolate and cocoa-related goods contain an abundance of flavonoid compounds. 

4. Nuts

Eating nuts may enhance mental health in general.

5. Eggs

The yolk of a whole egg contains a high concentration from calories.

6. Avocados

Some research indicates that consuming carotenoid-rich avocados may enhance cognitive function.

7. Fish

Fish and seafood consumption may improve memory and brain function in general.

8. Beets

Nitrates, which are abundant in beets, may enhance brain blood flow,


interaction between nerve cells, and the general well-being of the brain.

9. Red, green, and orange vegetables

Increasing your consumption of red, green, and orange-colored produce rich in carotenoids,

Red, green, and orange vegetables

Eat meat that comes from natural-fed animals. It's more wholesome.

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