Birria Tacos Recipe

Birria Ingredients

Beef, Dried Guajillo Peppers, Chipotle peppers in adobo, Mexican oregano

Making Birria stew

Soak peppers. After boiling water, immerse dried peppers in it while you continue.

Season meat. While the peppers soak, cube the roast and season with salt and pepper.

Make marinade. Blend everything except cloves, bay leaves, and cinnamon.

Let the peppers cool before handling. Cut the tops off over the sink. Seeds will drop out. Put them in the blender too. Mix it into a paste.

Marinate beef overnight. In stews, longer is ideal. Make stew. Sauté onions. Make sure your onions are clear and golden. Slow down.

Add the meats, chicken stock, and the last spices. That’s it!

Birria Tacos Recipe

Shred meats. Alternatively, fry them. If you like your meat extremely crispy and hot, do this step. I omitted it and it was ok.

Warm tortillas. This softens them. We use a tortilla warmer, but you may microwave them in wet paper towels for 30 seconds.

Dip, fill. Dip your tortillas in the soup, covering them. The fat is towards the surface.

Top half the tortilla with steak, onions, cilantro (optional), and cheese.

Fold, fry. In a nonstick skillet, fry tacos for 2-3 minutes per side. Serve with stew to dip.

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