Best Healthier Ice Creams

1. Yasso Greek Yogurt Poppables

Yasso Poppables are the ideal bite-sized frozen dessert. They have a brittle exterior and are filled with ultra-creamy vanilla frozen yogurt.

Yasso Greek Yogurt Poppables

I love that they are mini, so you can enjoy one or several, depending on your mood," Sassos explains.

2. Sweetkiwi Chocolate Hazelnut

This award-winning, female-owned company describes itself as a "ice cream occasion with a superhero cape.

Sweetkiwi Chocolate Hazelnut

Sweet kiwi is made with Greek yogurt, but its texture resembles that of ice cream; it was a staff favorite.

3. Dream Pops Birthday Cake Bites

These plant-based snacks are low in calories and sugar, but our flavor testers gave them rave reviews. 

Dream Pops Birthday Cake Bites

The ice cream in Dream Pops is made with coconut milk and is encased in a chocolate shell. 

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