10 Best Fast-Food Burgers In America

1. McDonald's Double QPC

Start with this classic. McDonald's debuted the Double in 1992, but the Quarter Pounder has been available since 1971.

Wendy's baconator

This burger is a carnivore's dream and one of Wendy's best examples of how a big brand can upgrade its burgers.

Hardee's/Carl's Jr. Super Star with Cheese

The Super Star is big, but it's not a Monster Burger, which not everyone can take. That doesn't taste like a kid's burger.

Culver's Cheese Double ButterBurger

Since 1984, Culver's has expanded beyond the Midwest. It's famous for its burgers and has expanded nationwide.

Five Guys' Cheeseburger

Five Guys, one of the first better-burger chains, belongs on any list of America's best burgers.

Shake Shack's Shackburger

The Shack Burger uses simple, high-quality ingredients on a soft potato bread.

In-N-Out's Animal Style Double Double

Fast-food fans nationally know In-N-Out, even though it's largely West Coast.

Whataburger's Double Meat Whataburger

Everything is larger in Texas, including the state's most popular burger chain.

White Castle's Sliders

The most popular slider in the United States is a cultural icon in more ways than one.

Original Freddy's Double

Freddy's delivers on the crisp margins of a well-executed smash burger, which, let's be honest, are one of the few things in fast food that can compare.

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