Rolled ice cream


Thai Fried Ice Cream Origins

Rolled Ice Cream, originally called Thai Fried or Stir Fried Ice Cream, began in Thailand in 2009. Customers would record their ice cream being created and post it on the web. The videos became viral and trendy. By 2012, the popular street food expanded to neighboring countries. In 2015 the United States rolled in on the trend and the dessert was renamed as Rolled Ice Cream or Ice Cream Rolls. 

Over the course of the years, Rolled Ice Cream became a trend for festivals, fairs, events and ice cream shops in larger cities such as New York City, Miami, and Chicago. Rolled Ice Cream shops began to pop up in cities all across the United States.



Little Kids, Big Dreams 

In 2016, two young brothers, Davonte and RoMello had the desire to start their own business. Their dad would play outdoor basketball at local parks on hot summer days. One day they wished they had an ice cream cart to sell ice cream. Their mother thought it was a genius idea and immediately sought after a portable freezer. Upon searching, the cost of the freezer was not apart of their budget.

Later in 2018, their mother Clarissa decided to revisit the idea and searched online for a portable freezer. While searching, she stumbled across a Fried Ice Cream Machine. It was a foreign dessert to her and she instantly began researching. After learning that it was a trending concept of creating ice cream and that the city of Milwaukee had just began to experience it, she made the spontaneous decision to purchase the machine. 


The Green's began to watch YouTube videos and practiced making ice cream in their living room. RoMello, age 8, was the first to learn how to master the technique. After a few weeks of practice, they were booked to vend at a local kid entrepreneur event, a local boxing event and a well known outdoor festival, Garfield Days.

Each event was a huge success! The kids enjoyed their new endeavor as business owners. All day and all night, they talked about their dreams and goals with their ice cream business. Dad and mom moved quickly, seeing the potential with the business and opened a brick and mortar at 6235b N. Teutonia Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53209 in the Silver Mill Shopping Center. 

July 2018 is when it all began. Hiring contractors and doing hands on work, the Green's teamed up and renovated the shop. Inspector after inspector, barrier after barrier, in October, the doors were opened. It's been such a joyous journey, operating, learning and working together as a family.  

November 2019 Paparazzi expanded and gained a location in the food court of the largest mall in Wisconsin, Southridge Mall. Never did the family imagine that in just one year, their small business would expand into such a prominent mall, in a prominent location!

That's not how the story ends, this is still the beginning believe it or not! Less than 2 years after the opening of Paparazzi's first location, a third location 

Davonte, Shala, & RoMello
Davonte, Shala, & RoMello

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Davonte, Shala, & RoMello
Davonte, Shala, & RoMello

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