13 Fast Food Milkshakes, Ranked Worst To Best


Milkshakes have a unique ability to transport us back to our childhood, evoking memories of indulgence and satisfaction. When the craving strikes for a creamy, sweet delight, where do you turn? This article takes you on a journey through the world of milkshakes, exploring the top fast-food establishments and their offerings. From Burger King to Culver’s, we’ll dive into the delectable world of milkshakes, examining flavor variety, consistency, and the overall milkshake experience.

13. Burger King

Burger King is a household name when it comes to fast food, known for its iconic Whopper and, of course, its milkshakes. The menu offers a variety of traditional flavors, from the classic chocolate and all-American strawberry to the comforting vanilla. Burger King also takes a creative twist with options like Chocolate Oreo and Classic Oreo, which add a delightful spin to their menu.

While the flavor variety is commendable, Burger King’s milkshakes fall a bit short in the taste department. They are undeniably creamy and cold but lack the depth and richness that turns a good milkshake into a great one. The excessive sweetness can be overwhelming, pushing the boundaries of balance. A bit more refinement in their flavor profile would undoubtedly elevate the experience.

13 Fast Food Milkshakes, Ranked Worst To Best

12. Sonic

Sonic, with its nostalgic drive-in feel, offers a wide range of flavors and combinations to cater to various tastes. From the intriguing Strawberry Cheesecake Shake to classic options, there’s something for everyone.

However, Sonic’s shakes have a consistency issue. The texture can be unpredictable, leaving you wondering if it will be too thick or too thin. For milkshake enthusiasts who prefer a specific consistency, this can be a drawback. A milkshake’s texture is as vital as its flavor, and Sonic’s shakes occasionally miss the mark.

11. Arby’s

Arby’s offers a distinctive milkshake experience with flavors that stand out. Options like the Orange Cream shake and the beloved Jamocha shake, a fusion of coffee and ice cream, add a unique touch to their menu.

Despite these strengths, Arby’s has a limited flavor lineup. While the available flavors are enjoyable, they might leave those seeking adventurous options wanting more. Excessive sweetness can also be a concern, as it can overshadow the delightful flavors. Striking the right balance is crucial in the world of milkshakes.

10. McDonald’s

McDonald’s is synonymous with fast food, and many of us have fond memories of sipping their creamy vanilla shake. However, their milkshake menu remains relatively basic, with classic flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. While these may satisfy traditionalists, those seeking excitement may find them somewhat underwhelming.

One notorious issue is the unpredictability of McDonald’s ice cream machines, which can be a disappointment when you’re in the mood for a sweet treat. It’s a reminder that consistency is crucial in delivering a delightful milkshake experience.

13 Fast Food Milkshakes, Ranked Worst To Best

9. Wendy’s

Wendy’s Frosty has a special place in our hearts, straddling the line between soft-serve and a milkshake. They start as a thick dessert but gradually transform into a more traditional milkshake consistency.

However, the limited flavor range of chocolate and strawberry can leave you yearning for more variety. The world of milkshakes thrives on innovation, and while the classic flavors are comforting, a touch of adventure could enhance the menu.

8. Whataburger

Whataburger is primarily known for its burgers but offers a unique twist with its milkshake offerings. While they occasionally introduce fun flavors like Banana Pudding Shake and Dr. Pepper Milkshake, most of their menu adheres to traditional options.

These shakes tend to be overly creamy, which can make them feel too thick for some. Additionally, the unique flavors sometimes lean towards the artificial side. Balancing creativity with the execution is a challenge Whataburger faces.

7. BurgerFi

BurgerFi takes a culinary approach to its menu, offering a variety of flavorful options. Red Velvet and Coffee Mocha stand out among the crowd.

The issue with BurgerFi’s milkshakes lies in their inconsistency from one location to another. Your favorite flavor might not be available everywhere, which can be disappointing. The elaborate flavors may also be overwhelming for those who prefer simpler, traditional milkshakes. The balance between adventure and tradition is essential.

6. In-N-Out

In-N-Out’s classic atmosphere and simple menu are reminiscent of a bygone era. Their milkshakes, made with real ice cream, provide a thick and creamy texture that pairs perfectly with their burgers and fries.

However, In-N-Out’s limited flavor options, which include chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla, might not satisfy those with adventurous palates. Variety is the spice of life in the milkshake world, and In-N-Out’s options may seem somewhat restrictive. While they excel in delivering classic flavors, those seeking more extravagance may need to look elsewhere.

13 Fast Food Milkshakes, Ranked Worst To Best

5. Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen is a paradise for frozen treat lovers. Their milkshake menu includes classic flavors like strawberry, caramel, chocolate, and vanilla, along with unique options like the Peanut Butter Shake and Banana Shake. What sets Dairy Queen apart is its Blizzard lineup, offering a wide array of choices.

However, despite the extensive menu, the quality of offerings can be hit-or-miss, with some flavors tasting more artificial than desired. Consistency is essential when catering to a diverse range of tastes.

4. Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A, known for its refreshing lemonade, offers unique milkshakes made with Ice Dream, a component similar to ice cream but with a lower butterfat content.

In addition to traditional flavors, Chick-fil-A introduces seasonal options, such as the Peach Milkshake. While these unique aspects can be exciting, they may not appeal to everyone. The sweetness level in their shakes can also be quite high, potentially overwhelming those seeking a balanced flavor profile.

3. Five Guys

For milkshake connoisseurs, Five Guys is a haven. Each shake is hand-spun and customizable, with a versatile vanilla base and a variety of mix-ins, from traditional to unconventional.

However, the extensive mix-in options might be overwhelming for those who prefer straightforward chocolate or strawberry shakes. The ability to customize is a strength, but it might not suit those looking for simplicity in their milkshakes.

2. Shake Shack

Shake Shack lives up to its name with a range of exquisite milkshakes, going beyond traditional flavors. They offer inventive options like the Oreo Cookie Funnel Cake Shake and the Triple Chocolate Brownie Shake.

One commendable aspect of Shake Shack is its inclusivity, offering non-dairy shakes for those who need or prefer them. However, it’s essential to note that even the non-dairy option can be calorie-rich.

1. Culver’s

Culver’s, born in the dairy-rich Midwest, is a standout in the world of milkshakes. Their milkshakes are customizable, thick, creamy, and incredibly satisfying.

Start your Culver’s journey with one of their famous ButterBurgers and cap it off with a handcrafted milkshake in flavors like Raspberry Cheesecake or Mint Brownie. With customizable mix-ins, there’s a shake for everyone.

Culver’s pays attention to the details, striking a balance between creativity and tradition. Their milkshakes consistently deliver an exceptional taste and texture, making them the top choice in the world of fast-food milkshakes.

13 Fast Food Milkshakes, Ranked Worst To Best


Exploring the world of milkshakes can be an exciting and indulgent journey. From the familiar comfort of McDonald’s to the inventive options at Shake Shack, each fast-food establishment offers a unique experience. While some excel in flavor creativity, others prioritize consistency and quality. The key to a perfect milkshake is striking the right balance between these elements, creating a delightful, memorable treat. The choice of the best milkshake ultimately comes down to personal preferences, but Culver’s, with its rich and satisfying shakes, certainly ranks high on the list.

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